Trauma and Dementia-Friendly Fishing



Friendly Fishing

Life on the water is different. It is peaceful and accessible. Nature speaks and hears.

Join us for trauma and dementia friendly fishing trips.


Visit our locations list and see the growing number of ponds, lakes, rivers, and oceanside spots that have proved succesful.

If you have a secret fishing hole or a suggested area please let us know where and when you’d like to go!

Nature promotes peace of mind, physical activity, cognitive stimulation, and having a Trauma-Friendly Angler™ or Dementia-Friendly Angler™ with you provides companionship and healthy social engagement.


You or your loved one will have the opportunity, regardless of age or ability reconnect with the healing found in the great out doors.

We might not always catch fish but we will reminisce and honor each season of life.


If you are on the beginning of a diagnosis or the start of a caregiving  journey for a loved, transitioning into hospice, or back from active duty, we can help create safety and provide an opportunity for personal growth and life fulfillment.

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– $100 per hour, per person
– Groups of 5 or more are charged at $50 per hour, per person.

– 1 hour minimum for land
– 2 hour minimum for boat

– Low-income options available for $50 per hour, per person. Groups of five or more are charged $25 per hour, per person.

– Military Veterans and their direct family’s rates are $50 per hour, per person. Groups of 5 or more are charged $25 per hour, per person.

Equipment & Reservation Fees

– $10 equipment and conservation fee, per person (waived if bringing own equipment)
– $50 boat & docking fee, per person



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