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History & Vision

In 2017, Andy crafted Contemplative Caregiver LLC with a person-centered, solution-focused approach. Andy, with a Masters in Clinical Mental Health, specializing in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Psychology emphasizes diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability as he facilitates Pescetherapy and Dementia-Friendly fishing trips on wheelchair-accessible respite cruises.

Heart Services

  • Caregiver Coaching
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Listen, Validate, Ask Session
  • Online Clinical Counseling
  • Pescetherapy / Fishing Therapy
  • In-Home Clinical Counseling
  • Education / Keynot

Home Services

  • Organizing, Moving, Labor
  • Furniture Assembly / Tv Mount
  • Gazebo / Shed / Awnings
  • Custom Projects
  • Dementia Safety Check

Cruises & Travel

  • 24/7 RN Staff Support
  • Dementia Friendly
  • Dedicated Daily Respite
  • Wheelchair Accessible Excursions
  • Group Travel & Dining

Services For The Heart

Caregiver Coaching – Together we craft a non-clinical, professional relationship that helps caregivers in their unique journey as they care for a loved one. Future, current, and former caregivers can expect validation, compassionate listening, and provocative questions that lead to insight, growth, healing, and stability. Rediscover hope via one-on-one meetings and bi-weekly support groups.

Mindfulness Training – Following the moment as it arises, we will use our breath, our body, and our minds to connect with ourselves and the world around us. Train your skill of being with what is through one-on-one and weekly drop-in sessions following the Mindful Moments Wellness Wheel.TM

Listen, Validate, Ask Session – We start by listening. We Validate. We ask open-ended questions that form foundation of the Certified Caregiving Consultant.TM Your caregiving story and professional journey will be heard, honored, and celebrated. Learn to use these three skills with yourself, loved ones, and clients.

Online Clinical Counseling – With a safe and private network, we can meet for an online session in an easy to use platform that protects your privacy and allows us to connect by video or voice. Online sessions help bridge the gap when mobility, access, and weather prevents us from connecting in person.

Pescetherapy / Fishing Pescetherapy is the sacred art of nature-based healing exchange that honors and nurtures people, place, process, and fish. We facilitate therapeutic fishing adventures for you or/and a caree by Land, River, or Sea. Sessions are typically in ninety minute to four hour blocks up to four day retreats and occur on private and public lands. Design your own perfect healing adventure today!

In-Home Clinical Counseling – Without a doubt, so many people who need therapy often cannot get out of their homes because of a variety of factors including mobility, transportation, and mental health conditions that make leaving home challenging or unsafe. My approach is simple. Meet you where you are at. Let’s talk about what’s is here and impacts your day to day living. We can find and craft your safe space in your home.

Education / Keynote – In addition to tailoring personalized education and advocacy programming for family caregivers and the businesses that support them, we provide CEU’s to over two dozen healthcare professions by we partnering with community-based organizations to create opportunities for the family caregiver to grow and thrive. Join us for National, Regional, and Local caregiving conferences, webinars, or transform your care experience into an expertise with internationally recognized training programs and become a Certified Caregiving: Advocate, Consultant, Educator, Facilitator, Partner, or Specialist.

Dementia Friendly Travel & Caregiver Respite Cruises

Cruises /Events – Check off your bucket list and enjoy ocean and river cruises that understand life with dementia or neurodegenerative diseases with 24-hour RN-support and medical equipment including all-terrain powerchairs and 100% ADA-Accessible accommodations all around the world.

  • Alaska
  • Canada
  • Mexican Rivera
  • North East American Coastline
  • Eastern Caribbean
  • Western Caribbean
  • Panama
  • South America

“Having dementia does Not have to mean the end of travel. These Dementia-friendly cruises provide excellent opportunities for respite, networking, support, and adventure.”

Dennis Dulniak, Caregiver of wife with Alzheimer’s

“WE HAD A WONDERFUL TIME. I enjoyed talking with other caregivers. The leaders kept everyone busy & engaged. It was especially nice to have two hours free time to do whatever or to talk with the counselors who were trained professionals. I fell down the steps on board and was immediately helped by the nurses and staff. My husband also had a problem and was cared for immediately. We all enjoyed singing and even dancing. The information given to us was very helpful. I believe everyone had a good time.”

Nancy Von Alten, Caregiver of husband with Dementia