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Counseling –  With a Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling background, we are offering individual, group, and family counseling in-office, online, or in-home. If counseling isn’t for you, we can help with business / professional consultation, and family caregiver coaching.

Education /In addition to tailoring personalized education and advocacy programming for family caregivers and the businesses that support them, we provide CEU’s to over two dozen healthcare professions by we partnering with community-based organizations to create opportunities for the family caregiver to Join us for National, Regional, and Local caregiving conferences, webinars, or transform your care experience into an expertise with Certified Caregiving training programs and become a Certified Caregiving: Advocate, Consultant, Educator, Facilitator, Partner, or Specialist.

Pescetherapy / Fishing Pescetherapy is sacred art of nature-based healing exchange that honors and nurtures people, place, process, and fish.  We facilitate therapeutic fishing adventures for you or/and a caree by Land, River, or Sea.

Cruises /Events – Check off your bucket list and enjoy ocean and river cruises that understand life with dementia or neurodegenerative diseases with 24-hour RN-support and medical equipment including all-terrain powerchairs and 100% ADA-Accessible accommodations all around the world.

Contact – Easy access to the behind the scenes information about who we are and what we do, and got to get ahold of us and our affiliates.

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