History & Vision

Welcome to Contemplative Caregiver LLC – Your Compassionate Companion on the Caregiving Journey

At Contemplative Caregiver LLC, we know that caring for a loved one with a neurodegenerative disease comes with its unique challenges. Our mission is to offer a warm, person-centered, and solution-focused approach to mental health support, empowering caregivers to build resilience and navigate their caregiving journey with love, hope, and understanding.

Our Founder, Andrew Koch, holds a Masters in Clinical Mental Health and specializes in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling from Naropa University. Andrew and our caring team of professionals bring empathy, kindness, and expertise to every interaction, ensuring you feel heard, supported, and valued.

Our Heartfelt Services:

Telehealth Counseling
We provide tailored, one-on-one telehealth counseling sessions and support groups designed to address your individual needs as a caregiver. Our sessions focus on offering validation, coping strategies, and hope, using proven therapeutic approaches to help you embrace the caregiving experience with confidence and optimism. By participating in our support groups, you’ll also have the opportunity to connect with others facing similar challenges, fostering a sense of community and shared understanding.

Our nurturing workshops create a safe and supportive space for caregivers to learn, grow, and connect. We explore topics like grief, loss, vicarious trauma, and burnout, equipping you with practical tools and resources to flourish in your caregiving journey.

Therapeutic Retreats
Our rejuvenating destination-based retreats offer an unforgettable experience for caregivers. Blending relaxation, mindfulness practices, and engaging therapeutic activities, our retreats allow you to recharge, bond with fellow caregivers, and deepen your self-awareness.

Embracing Colorado and Beyond
Our journey began in the beautiful Boulder, Colorado, and has since expanded to the Denver Metro area and across the state. Our dedication to supporting caregivers knows no boundaries, and we’re committed to adapting our services to meet your evolving needs and desires.

Let’s Walk This Path Together
At Contemplative Caregiver LLC, we believe in the transformative power of heartfelt care and the resilience of the human spirit. We invite you to explore our services and find out how we can support you on your caregiving journey. Together, we can cultivate a brighter, more hopeful future for caregivers and their loved ones.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our services and discover how we can help you navigate the challenges of caregiving with grace, compassion, and joy.


  • Personalized therapy sessions tailored to your unique needs and goals
  • Safe and supportive space to explore your emotions and work through challenges
  • Compassionate and empathetic therapists
  • Convenient and accessible sessions from the comfort of your own home
  • Private and confidential online platform for secure video sessions


  • Opportunities to connect with others who are facing similar challenges
  • Compassionate and experienced facilitators who guide the workshop activities
  • Skills-based training to help manage emotions and stress
  • Interactive and engaging activities that promote personal growth and healing
  • Safe and supportive environment to explore difficult emotions and experiences


  • Tranquil and peaceful environments that promote relaxation and healing
  • Opportunities to unplug and disconnect from the stresses of daily life
  • Intensive therapy and workshops to promote deep healing and growth
  • Access to a range of holistic healing modalities, such as mindfulness practices, breathwork, and other mind-body interventions
  • Opportunities to connect with others who are facing similar challenges and build a sense of community and support