Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs as Contemplative Caregivers and Certified Caregiving Consultants

  1. We meet the clients where they are with an open mind and curious heart
  2. We share resources, ideas, suggestions, and possibilities.
  3. We allow our clients to receive our resources, ideas, suggestions, and possibilities in the way that best works for them.
  4. We believe our clients know the answer; we simply provide the process to lead to the right answer.
  5. We accept our clients, refraining from judging their decisions, circumstances, and perspectives.
  6. We embrace the journey, understanding the journey unveils the blessings, opportunities, and meaning.
  7. We teach and we learn when we meet with others, including our clients.
  8. We live in the truth, understanding that the truth empowers us to grow and transform.
  9. We ask for and receive help and support when we need it.
  10. We understand that our work with our clients lasts as long as the work is needed. When our work with a client ends, we share thanks.
  11. We take care of ourselves because we know the importance of walking the talk.