About Andrew

Andrew Kurtis Koch

He talks a lot and smiles often. He listens deeply. He prefers he/him/his, and you can call him Andrew. Andrew has been caregiving professionally for seven years and cares for two of his uncles and one of his grandmas, long-distance from Boulder, Colorado where he is a Registered Psychotherapist and Owner of Contemplative Caregiver. He pursues a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health specializing in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling. As a freshman family caregiver, Andrew is asking questions and finding answers within, cultivating loving-kindness for himself so that he may support his carees, spread compassion to the healthcare system and be the change that he wants to see in the world.

Andrew is from northwest Indiana. He grew up with corn fields and soybeans as neighbors. Andrew lived in an extended family household that included: grandmother, mother, uncle, and brothers.  Lake Michigan was the nearest beach and creeks and rivers were his favorite places to hang out.  Andrew has always found healing in the waters.


Andrew learned early on the power of connection and compassion. Andrew’s mother was Certified Nurse Aide and eventually became a nurse. His grandmother worked in the local hospital transporting patients to and fro. From early on Andrew drew from thier stories and tales of courage, humor, and sacred moments.

During Andrew’s education and experience as a caregiver, he learned many valuable lessons. Of most precious is to “honor this very moment.” That is to be present and aware of one’s self with open acceptance and compassion. And by extension, holding radical acceptance of person, condition, state of mind, code, or creed. Andrew believes that by being mindful, ready, and equipped all people can rise to the various ever unwinding journey of caregiving.