At Contemplative Caregiver LLC, we offer a range of workshops for private duty caregivers, family caregivers, and healthcare organizations to provide validation, coping strategies, and hope during the challenges of caregiving. Our workshops are designed to help individuals and groups navigate the unique and complex experiences of caring for loved ones with neurodegenerative diseases of the body and mind.

Our Workshops

Caregiving Consultant Training:

“Caring for the Caregiver”: This workshop is designed to provide a space for caregivers to connect and share their experiences with others who understand the challenges of caregiving. We explore topics such as stress reduction, mindfulness techniques, and self-care strategies.

“Navigating Grief and Loss”: This workshop is for those who have experienced the loss of a loved one or are preparing for the end of life. We provide a supportive and compassionate space to process emotions and share stories. We also offer coping strategies and tools for finding meaning and hope in the midst of grief.

“Vicarious Trauma and Compassion Fatigue”: This workshop is designed for healthcare professionals and others who work with individuals experiencing trauma or grief. We provide tools for recognizing and managing the impacts of vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue.

What to Expect

Our workshops are typically held in-person, but we also offer online options for those who are unable to attend in-person. Our workshops are led by our experienced and compassionate team of mental health professionals who specialize in contemplative, person-centered, and solution-focused therapy.

Our workshops are designed to be interactive, providing opportunities for participants to engage in discussions and activities that will deepen their understanding and enhance their coping skills. We also provide resources and tools for continued learning and support beyond the workshop.

Call to Action

If you’re interested in attending one of our workshops or would like to learn more, please contact us to find out about our upcoming events or to discuss creating a customized workshop for your organization. We are here to support you on your caregiving journey.