55+ Colorado Grief Retreat

Welcome to the Mindfulness and Grief Retreat for 55+ Clients in Glenwood Springs, Colorado!

Losing a loved one is a painful experience, and it can be even harder as we grow older. Contemplative Caregiver LLC understands the unique challenges that seniors face when dealing with grief and loss, which is why we have designed a specialized retreat just for you.

Why Glenwood Springs? The natural beauty of this place, surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains, is the perfect setting to find solace and comfort in a nurturing environment. Our team of experienced clinicians and mindfulness teachers will guide you through the process of healing, giving you the tools and support you need to cope with your loss.

Why us? We are committed to providing compassionate care and personalized attention to all of our clients. We understand that everyone grieves differently and that the healing process is unique to each individual. Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Why now? Grief doesn’t go away on its own, and it’s important to take the time to work through it. Join us for this life-changing retreat and give yourself the gift of healing.

Daily Itinerary: Day 1: Arrival and Introductions

  • Introduction to mindfulness practices
  • Group sharing and support session
  • Therapeutic massage

Day 2: Acknowledging Grief

  • Mindfulness techniques to acknowledge and process grief
  • Group sharing and support session
  • Nature walk

Day 3: Mindful Self-Compassion

  • Mindfulness techniques for self-compassion and self-care
  • Group sharing and support session
  • Art therapy

Day 4: Finding Meaning in Loss

  • Mindfulness techniques to find meaning in loss
  • Group sharing and support session
  • Meditation by the hot springs

Day 5: Moving Forward with Hope

  • Mindfulness techniques for resilience and hope
  • Group sharing and support session
  • Closing ceremony

Cost: The cost of this 5-day retreat is $3700 per person, which includes lodging, meals, transportation to and from Denver International Airport, and all workshop fees. We believe that everyone deserves access to healing and support, and we are committed to keeping our prices as low as possible.

Therapeutic Benefits: Our retreat is designed to provide a safe and supportive space for 55+ clients to process grief and find healing through mindfulness practices. Participants will learn techniques to acknowledge and process their grief, develop self-compassion and self-care practices, find meaning in their loss, and move forward with hope and resilience. Our experienced clinical therapist will guide participants through each session, providing a caring and supportive environment.

Call to Action: If you are ready to find peace and healing during this difficult time, we invite you to join us for our Mindfulness and Grief Retreat for 55+ clients in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Contact us today to reserve your spot and take the first step towards healing.