Wellness Coaching

What About Wellness?

If counseling isn’t for you or you live outside of the state of Colorado, online wellness coaching may be the best bet in our work together.

Wellness is more than some fancy catch-all phrase, it is a holistic framework for working with health of the mind body and spirit. When I think of wellness I think of seven areas.

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Let’s support your body and what it’s telling you. The body speaks and also can remain quiet when trauma is present and can scream when in poor health.


How do you function in the world? Would you say all is smooth sailing or are them areas in life that need attention. Let’s create safety, help you set healthy boundaries, and apply your unique strength and skillsets.


All action and reaction are expressions of energy. Let’s identify your blocks and create channels to foster creativity, openness, and movement.


Energy in motion? Emotions are wide and complex. In our work together no emotion is suppressed or ignored. In fact, I encourage you to invite anger, fear, sadness, and disgust to join us for a session.


Far beyond your immediate family, your friends, community, culture, and country inform your unique narrative. We will embrace the intersectionality of race, gender, socioeconomic, religious, and politics that have informed how you live in a global society.


Starting with your preferred learning style, we will build upon the way you identify, integrate, and invest new and old information. From this foundation a deeper exploring of intuitive knowing, intergenerational wisdom, and appreciation for subtly develops.