In addition to tailoring personalized education and advocacy programming for family caregivers and the businesses that support them, we provide CEU’s to over two dozen healthcare professions by we partnering with community-based organizations to create opportunities for the family caregiver to Join us for National, Regional, and Local caregiving conferences, webinars, or transform your care experience into an expertise with Certified Caregiving training programs and become a Certified Caregiving: Advocate, Consultant, Educator, Facilitator, Partner, or Specialist.

Become Certified – x

Caregiving Wheels – x

Contemplative Caregiving – x

CEUs: Continuing Education Units – x

Dementia Care Classes – x

Mindfulness – x

Small Business Coaching – x Thirty Minute to four-hour sessions exploring and developing the skills of Listening, Validating, and Asking Open-Ended Questions occurring on an “As Needed” or ongoing weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

The Caregiving Years – x

Webinars – x

Working With Wellness – x