Pescetherapy is a sacred art of nature-based, healing exchange that honors and nurtures people, place, process, and fish. By combining the active physical and cognitive engagement of fishing with the social and emotional support of a mindfulness-based approach, we facilitate therapeutic fishing adventures for you or/and a caree by Land, River, or Sea.

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Fishing can be active or passive. It can be done in movement or in stillness and yet in we find nature has its own rhythms. Fishing is a great way to move the body if you keep what you catch, provide a nutritious meal.



When you move the body you work the mind. Sight, sound, and all the other senses provide meaningful information. Wind and thought share a similar coming and going.  Leaning into the wisdom of the fish provides an interment variable that will provide unique stimulation.



Since Pescetherapy is a form of therapy, the format, individual or group, determines the shape and flow of the experience. Healthy development of social skills and environmental consciousness promote synergistic with nature and all it’s creatures.



Let’s face it, life can be difficult beyond words. Tears are always welcome in a Pescetherapy session. Messages of “be tough” and “suck it up,” sound good in theory but are exhausting impossibilities. It’s okay to be strong and gentle, to be tough and humble, to be afraid and happy. Nature is here to help hold a sacred space for you to share your heart.



Mindfulness is a philosophy and pragmatic approach to life that involves intention, choice, openness, curiosity, and personal responsibility. Pescetherapy is an immersion in nature and a beautiful way to connect through the senses deeply.